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Why Is Dilapidation Report Important?

When constructing a building or demolishing it, a lot of heavy machinery is used and even some serious changes in the site can be carried out. This can include many things including the removal of soil, slabs, trees or footpaths or maybe even involve knocking down an existing structure.

The fact of the matter is now matter how careful one is, this sort of work is likely to cause damage to surrounding houses or infrastructure. In addition to accessing the requirements for the protection of these adjacent buildings, you need to arrange reports which access the state of these buildings.

This is where architectural design firms in Sydney comes in. A dilapidation report is a report based on the condition of a particular property at any given time. It is a report carried out to determine as to what state of repair or disrepair a building is in. Whether the building is new or old, structurally sound or in need of renovations, most councils require dilapidation reports as being a part of Development Approval for large developments in order to access the potential damage that can be caused to adjoining properties.

The report is normally carried out before the work begins and after the work has been done. By comparing both the reports, a clear picture as to how much damage occurred as a result of the work is presented. These inspections are carried out by experienced consultants who have a proper understanding of the adjacent building that are likely to be affected and are well aware of what to look for.

This professional consultants looks for all sorts of minor and major defects including cracks in internal walls, exterior brickwork, concrete or pavers, tiles or plumbing fixtures and loose or missing tiles, architraves and so on. The report includes notes, photographs, measurements and all sorts of diagrams which represent the actual state of the building being inspected and once it’s completed, both the owner of the property and the construction party signs and approves the report.

Anyone can apply to get a Dilapidation Report but it’s important to note that it’s mostly suited for large scale constructions on neighboring property but sometimes it’s essential to get the report for small developments as well. For example, it’s prudent to get dilapidation report if excavation work is being done or road construction is being done or water pipes are being laid nearby. These sort of works can cause future or near damage to your property and it’s reasonable to get the report done as to avoid facing any damages that can be inflicted as a result.

If you have a best stormwater consultants which reflects the condition of your property before and after the nearby work is done you can determine the damages caused by that work and claim damages while avoiding messy disputes.