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Pros And Cons Of Ruber Granules

It is better to keep track of the water that might be stagnant underneath the artificial turf carpets, as the longer they last the more serious problems it will cause to the flooring exposed. Another is the layering of sheets to look seamless and perfect, if you happen to use more than one sheet of artificial grass it is important to place them in such a way that it does not show the fakeness of it and looks real, seamless and perfect. EPDM granules are mainly rubber sheets that are torn up into granules and is used as flooring in training areas for track events and so on. There are several benefits and disadvantages of using this type of flooring and they are stated as following;

Advantages of using EPDM rubber

There are many advantages to using this kind of rubber as flooring or roofing in its different natures. EPDM sheets are used for roofing while EPDM granule are used for flooring. This type of material is made out of recycled rubber making it completely environmentally friendly and will not pose any threats for a long period of time. Since the granules are used as the floor for track events it has a great advantage of being water resistant, that in turn keeps the athletes away from any kind of danger during any practices or races.In regard to the EPDM sheets used for roofing, there are many advantages such as the durability of it, as it would take roughly more than 30 years to replace the roofing. They are weighed way less than slate would, making the roof of the housing structure cooler. It is offered in many colors and styles to fit the house and its waterproof feature keeps away any water seeping in at a rainy season as well.

Disadvantages of EPDM rubber

The installation of this kind of sheets require someone who is a professional in the area of expertise instead of someone who lays out a synthetic lawn Sydney. Find a person to the job for a reasonable price can be a tough task since many are not familiar with it, hence giving those who know about it, a massive advantage. In the case of using it as a roofing sheet, things like a chimney can pose a threat towards the durability of the sheet and may cause leaks from time to time and would require resealing or a replacement. Rubber is not indestructible in cases of something falling on top or the weight given by a person walking over the roof, which then can cause tears and rips in the sheet resulting in one or many leaks which again would require resealing. The advantages and disadvantages mentioned as above may not be applicable to every single household but there are chances that all of them would face the issues with many years down the line. In the case of using EPDM granules, the threats posed are at its bare minimum and is considered to be child friendly and durable in its nature.