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Marble And Its Types:

Marble, tiles and wooden flooring is increasing these days and most of the people are using them in their houses as it keeps their houses look more trendy and clean. Marble tiles are most commonly used as flooring and it is a natural surface for the floor. The marble is naturally extracted from the mountains and it is famous for its elegance style and beauty. In previous eras kings and queens used precious marbles to make their interior luxurious.

Marble has a very unique style which cannot be easily imitated by other person. Due to its beauty and style it can make your interior very presentable and elevate its appearance. The options to decorate your living area can increase as marble is available in different color mixes. The high quality tiles of the marbles can be cut into the rectangular and square shapes to create a mosaic.

Marble wholesalers has very unique properties as the tile used for flooring is the only one piece that exists in this world which means that it is one of its kinds and it cannot be imitated. And when the marbles are colored and have different mixes they have such features that they distinct from other tiles. The chances of uniqueness are quite extreme. The material of marble is very refined and it can turn your place into a more presentable place making your floor to stand out.

Unlike other floors, marbles are very polished, shiny and have a shimmery smooth surface. This makes a place look more sophisticated and elegant in its own way. This look is so distinctive that it makes marble flooring to stand out among others. Marble has some radiant properties in it as it is a great conductor of heat and due to this property the heating systems can be installed. In winters it will make your feet warm and cozy and will not make you feel cold.

There are different types of marble which are used and will give unique looks to your rooms, hallways bathrooms etc. Marbles with black white red etc. are the colors that are mostly used by the owners of the home. There are different types of marbles used named as Carrara marble, Calacatta marble, Breccia, Limestone.

Carrara Marble is the marble that you mostly see on the statues in Greek and Roman. This marble is white in color and is pure in its form. It has pristine look which makes it very precious and it is one of the lightest marbles used.

Calacatta marble has patterns and vein which depends on the stone. Usually the marble has quite prominent and noticeable patterns on it. Calacatta marble is mostly mixed up and confused with the Carrara marble but the both are different and unique in its own way.

Breccia Marble has varied kinds and comparatively darker in color bringing warmth to the room. They are most dark brown or red in color.

Limestone is one of the most commonly used marble and it is lighter in color like beige or some other tan colors. Limestone marble is a good option for the bathrooms. This marble is very soft in nature which can get impaired in more traffic areas.