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About Building Trades

The Lehigh Valley Building & Construction Trades Council has been a leader in the movement to bring quality to the local construction industry. The various trade unions which are members of the Council provide contractors with highly skilled and motivated workers whose skill levels and work ethic are unrivaled anywhere else in the country.

Throughout the Lehigh Valley, you will see many examples of the excellent training, quality and pride that union members bring to the construction industry. These talented men and women can perform the most demanding requirements of any job.

Furthermore, the excellent training and apprenticeship programs offered by Lehigh Valley Building & Construction Trades unions, in partnership with unionized employers, ensure the availability of competent, highly skilled, and productive workers to meet the needs of the construction industry. These workers continue to receive upgrade training, in order to keep their skills up to date on the newest technologies.

But members of unions which make up the Lehigh Valley Building & Construction Trades are more than just some of the most highly trained workers on any construction site – they are also active participants in our communities. Over the years, these unions and their members have made donations to local communities totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars – and the individual members have contributed many times that amount in volunteer work.

When workers are not only well qualified and highly skilled professionals, but also live here in the Lehigh Valley and care about local communities, the result is a top quality job that meets the highest standards of excellence. The members of the Lehigh Valley Building & Construction Trades Council are proud of their work and their communities.


Members of the Lehigh Valley Building Trades working with residents in Allentown to build a new park.

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